“The amazing thing about Rupert is that he’s a very self-contained human being. It’s very rare that you see him get emotional. The minute the camera rolls, he just becomes this other thing and he has so much. I’m like, “Where does that come from?” I remember having to remind myself to keep acting because I just wanted to go, “You’re amazing! That was amazing!” I don’t know where he pulled it from.

Emma Watson

Good LORD, his face in the second gif omg

That second gif, best Rupert moment in all 8 movies. 

Second gif ftw. All through that scene I was flailing. 



This scene shows so much of who Sam Wilson is. Just before this, he and Steve were joking around with one another (Sam very obviously trying not to fanboy). Then Steve tells him it’s nice to have met him and goes to go on his way. But Sam can see more to Steve than Steve has let on to anyone. Steve is suffering. From just a few moments of conversation, lighthearted and teasing conversation at that, Sam can recognize that. So he pulls him back in with his “It’s your bed, right?” question. He wants to give Steve an open line of communication. He gives Steve the opportunity to relate to him and then let’s him know through a simple comment that he works down at the VA. Sam knows it’s best to not just come out and suggest to Steve that he should come down and talk to him, even though he thinks it will do some good. So he just says he works there in passing, and sort of suggests him coming down there as a favor to him. 

In just this brief interaction, Sam is able to see the pain in Steve, establish a clear line of communication, set up basic trust, and even let him know that he’ll be there for him when he’s ready to talk. And ultimately, Sam does become one of the few people Steve readily, and heavily, relies on. 

Sam Wilson is incredible. 



The Giver is about an 11-year-old boy named Jonas living in a dystopian future where people who don’t fit the mold are “released” and nobody sees anything wrong with it

then when he gets his mandatory career assignment he finds he is to become the Receiver (the only one) so he has these private…